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Emergency Department Documentation   Emergency Department Documentation and Coding Experts

Efficient, complete and legible ED nursing documentation is critical for patient care, legal protection and proper reimbursement. The implications of hurried, incomplete or inaccurate documentation are significant. Malpractice claims, EMTALA violations and lost revenue all can result from poor nursing documentation the Emergency Department.

We can help your hospital in two ways:

1.  Documentation Review / Audits

Over 85% of hospitals under-code for emergency department services. Our ED Chart  Documentation review services are the cost-effective way to correct this. In addition, a regular chart documentation review by an outside party is an excellent corporate compliance and risk management measure.

Our certified emergency nursing consultants will review your charts for all of the following:

  •     Clinical Quality of Care (missing or incomplete information)

  •     Areas of Potential Liability Exposure

  •     JCAHO Compliance

  •     Treatment Delays

  •     Lost Charges

Performed on-site or off-site, we will review your emergency nursing documentation promptly and for a low, per chart fixed fee. You will receive a complete, easy-to-read report which will be useful to document the pertinent issues and/or effect change.

Whether your issue is lost revenue, compliance or quality of care, our Emergency Nurse Documentation Review service is the solution.

2.  Vendor Selection (Charting, Tracking, Order Entry)

If your Emergency Department hasn't addressed your ED documentation needs in the past 2 years, you should do so immediately. The market for charting, tracking and order entry products has blossomed recently and many newer, more reliable and cost-effective solutions are available.

We can help your ED managers sort through the competing documentation products for both physicians and nurses and choose the solution that is best for your facility. We have experience with all of the major ED charting and tracking systems and can independently verify the strengths and weaknesses of each.

For a decision that will affect each and every patient, your throughput time, patient satisfaction scores, malpractice risk and the hospital's bottom line, it makes sense to call in the experts.


Call 1-866-349-3310 for more information or click here.


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