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CEN Review Class - Certified Emergency Nurse Training    CEN Review Class - Emergency Department Nursing Certification Training Seminar - Advanced Training for Emergency Nurses

CEN Review Course  Test Preparation Program - Advanced Class (for Nurses, 16 hours):


CEN certification is the national standard for emergency nurses.  Do yours measure up? 


What percent of your ED nurses are CENs? Do all of your triage RNs have their CEN? Is there at least one CEN on each shift, in each patient area?  If not, your facility might be at risk.


The Board of Certification in Emergency Nursing (BCEN) exam is a computerized test that may be taken at any time. It covers the Core Content in Emergency Nursing and is a comprehensive assessment of Emergency Nursing knowledge.


DO NOT take the CEN exam without proper preparation!  


Certification in Emergency Nursing is not something you can just show up for and expect to pass. It is one of the most difficult certifications in nursing. Our CEN Review Course will thoroughly prepare your emergency nursing staff for the CEN Exam, allowing them to take it with Confidence!


Prepare for the CEN Exam and take it with Confidence


This CEN Review Class utilizes the ENA's core curriculum on emergency nursing and focuses on the topics of importance in the BCEN exam.  We utilize didactic sessions, practice exams and group discussion during this 2-day course. Attendees can expect to take the CEN exam knowing that they are well-prepared.

This seminar can be customized to fit your hospital's specific needs.


The CEN Review Course is presented over a 2-day period, encompassing 16 hours of study. 



ED Quality Solutions, Inc. is the cost-effective solution to your staff training and continuing education needs for ER nursing staff and emergency physicians. Our clinical nursing educators will travel to your facility to present state of the art, clinically relevant in-service training programs for your entire staff. Choose from our wide variety of topics or request your own customized program. All of our speakers are Certified Emergency Nurses or Board-Certified Emergency Physicians with years of real-world experience "in the trenches".


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