CEN Review Class

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Prepare for the CEN Exam and Take it with Confidence

DO NOT Take the CEN Exam Without Proper Preparation!

We designed our CEN Review Class for experienced emergency nurses (or newer nurses wanting to expand their knowledge).  It covers the ENA’s core curriculum and focuses on the topics of importance in the BCEN certification exam.  When we present this live, it is a 2-day class.  Here, you can take it at YOUR pace, on demand, any time, online.  We provide a complete overview of the ENA core content as well as focused practice exam questions. If you take this class, you can expect to take the CEN exam knowing that you are well-prepared.

Why Take the CEN Review Class?

Certification in Emergency Nursing is not something you can just show up for and expect to pass. It is one of the most difficult certifications in nursing. Our CEN Review Class specializes in those conditions that no one sees every day. Those problems that always show up on the test! Be prepared.  Be confident. We can help. You CAN do this!

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