ED Service Excellence – Patient Satisfaction

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ED Service Excellence - Advanced Patient Experience Training


Advanced ED Patient Experience Training

For all ED and Ancillary Staff – 3 hours

Why Enroll
ED Patient Satisfaction

This class teaches the essential ED patient relations skills and attitudes needed to create life-long customers and position your Emergency Department as the facility of choice in the region. For new staff or experienced ED nurses, this course reinforces the value of exceeding patient expectations. This is not only important for the patients: better patient experience also leads to improved staff satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually ENJOY coming to work?

What’s Learned
ED Patient Experience

ED Service Excellence examines the patient experience from door to discharge, challenging your entire staff to excel. We focus on understanding and managing ED patient expectations. By focusing on customer service, teamwork, scripting and service recovery, we provide staff the tools they need to excel in the emergency department. These skills can be applied the very next day! We understand the extremely challenging environment in today’s EDs, and share essential tools to assure success.

Who Should Take It
ED Nurses + Ancillary Staff

Nurses: ED Service Excellence is the only ED patient experience course specifically designed by and for emergency department professionals. We provide tools you can use – and avoid the traps!
ED Managers: Looking to improve your department’s Patient Satisfaction scores? This class is specifically designed for the ED. If your staff embraces the concepts and techniques of this seminar, your scores are sure to skyrocket!

Here's what people are saying

This was one of the very best workshops I have ever attended.
RN - New York
Will immensely help my customer relations skills. Please do one for our hospital medical staff.
RN - Missouri
I would recommend this type of seminar at orientation.
RN - New Hampshire
Customer satisfaction will increase! This one was interesting and needed.
RN - Florida
They were great! The class was real informative. The nurses are already using some of the techniques in dealing with patients and each other.
ED Unit Manager - Missouri
I wish everyone had been here. The docs could use it, too.
RN - California
We truly enjoyed the class.
Nurse Manager - West Virginia
We had Service Excellence training through the hospital last year and it was too generic. It didn't apply to us in the ER. This was geared more to the patients we deal with, especially the scenarios. Most everyone got some tools that they can use right away.
ED Unit Manager - Mississippi
This is how it should be.
RN - California
They gave an awesome class and I was proud to see that basically it was a refresher for my nurses. The patient satisfaction piece was very helpful. The script phrases were great. I appreciate your services!
Director, Emergency Services - Missouri