Effective ED Hand-Offs

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Handoffs in Emergency Department - Hospitalists


Effective ED Hand-Offs

For Hospitalists, Emergency Physicians, APP’s – 3 hours


This class is devoted to addressing ED Hand-Offs or Transitions of Care, focusing on the high-risk transfer of responsibility from the Emergency Department Physician to the Inpatient Hospitalist. The class provides all the training necessary to provide Effective ED Hand-Offs and improve patient safety across the medical spectrum. Emphasis is placed on common handoff pitfalls, proper documentation, TJC standards and the interface with other hospital staff, including resident physicians. An important focus is effective communication between providers during a transition of care, as well as each provider’s own cognitive bias.

Our handoffs course allows you to learn at your own pace, with enhanced content and extensive educational enrichment resources.

The Effective ED Hand-Offs class is recommended for ALL Hospital-Based Physicians, PAs and NPs and also those Quality and Risk Management professionals responsible for Patient Safety.

What’s Included
Clinical + Legal

Our Effective ED Handoffs class focuses on recognizing the key issues involved in effective handoffs and provides the essential tools necessary to help mitigate disastrous consequences. We cover the known legal minefields when these important transitions of care are mishandled. Graduates will be able to practice better patient safety and provide great care.

Patient Safety

An Effective ED Handoffs program will encourage effective, timely patient care transitions in your Emergency Room and throughout the institution, improving efficiency, patient safety and outcomes. This class addresses a critical Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal and will reduce patient admission delay while greatly reducing risk and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Who Should Take It
Hospitalists + ED Physicians

The Effective ED Hand-Offs training class is essential for every Emergency Physician and every Hospitalist in the organization. PAs, NPs and other Medical Staff Physicians will all benefit from annual refresher education in the critical handoff communication strategies presented in this class.