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We are a team of professionals dedicated to promoting excellence in patient care, customer experience and community perception across the US. We offer proven tools, techniques and services that provide the best in online emergency department education, instill a culture of collaborative practice, enhance delivery of quality care and enable a top-tier patient experience. Our online continuing education saves you money and hassle – while our on-site training provides that personal touch. Our consulting services promote excellence in patient experience and patient safety – while our insurance, EMTALA and claims services enhance risk management and loss control.

Here's what people are saying

It was just great. She did a wonderful job. The staff is excited. You guys have been great to work with.
Director of Emergency Services - Idaho
We truly enjoyed the class.
Nurse Manager - West Virginia
I had no difficulty in getting the course set up. Excellent communication made everything go smoothly.
ED Nurse Manager - Princeton, New Jersey
This was one of the very best workshops I have ever attended.
RN - New York
I recently attended a similar class at the ENA meeting. Yours was much better!
RN - New Hampshire
Very practical advice. Highly recommended.
Hospital CEO - Kansas
Excellent - much more relevant to practice than many hospital seminars. A really enjoyable lecture.
RN - Washington, DC
We had Service Excellence training through the hospital last year and it was too generic. It didn't apply to us in the ER.
ED Unit Manager - Mississippi
I was very satisfied. The staff appeared to appreciate it, too. The instructors were very sensitive to our needs. I think everyone walked away learning something. They did a wonderful job. I loved the case scenarios.
Nurse Educator - Texas
I think the counsel and direction you've provided our group is dead-on – it is a rare consultant that can marry candor and constructive criticism with hands-on-hard work, expertise and encouragement. You are a tremendous asset.
ED Group - Tennessee