Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Offer Nursing Continuing Education (CE) Credits?

YES! Many of our classes are approved for nursing CE credits by Mid-Carolina AHEC, Inc., a leading provider of enduring educational materials online.  They are fully ANCC-accredited and accepted by all states. You can print your Certificate of Completion after you have finished the class, passed the Quiz and completed your Course Evaluation.

California: Are your classes acceptable for Nursing Continuing Education Credit in California?

YES! Our classes are ANCC-accredited. This certification is ACCEPTED by the California Board of Nursing. “Courses approved by ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) approved regional accrediting bodies when these courses are taken out-of-state.”


Florida: Are your classes acceptable for Nursing Continuing Education Credit in Florida?

YES! Our classes are ANCC-accredited. This certification is ACCEPTED by the Florida Board of Nursing for the 16 “General Hours” required every 2 years.  Florida nurses should enter their completed course information into their CE Broker account when they renew.


CME: Do you offer Continuing Medical Education Credits?

YES! Some of our classes are ACCME-accredited and eligible for AMA PRA Category I Credits. This is through a partnership with the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

NOTE: These AMA PRA Category I Credits are ACCEPTED for both MDs and DOs.

Does Your Site Maintain a Record of My Classes and CE/CME Credits?

YES! Just sign in and click “My Courses.”


Can I Leave a Class in the Middle and Pick Up Where I Left Off?

YES!  Our Classes are broken down into short lessons, usually 10-20 minutes in length. You can complete a lesson and come back later to start the next one.  If you exit the class at any time, your progress is saved and you may resume at your convenience.

Can I print out the content from the online course?

YES! If printable content is available for your course, you can find the printable material on your course outline page. You will need to have a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader, to view the files. You can download the Adobe Reader for free at

What is the score required to pass the lesson exams?

It varies, but 75-80% or better is typically required to move on to the next lesson.

How Long Do I Have to Complete the Class?

We encourage everyone to complete the class within 1-2 weeks. That gives you the best chance to retain the information.  If you do not finish, the class will remain open for a set amount of time, typically 90 days.

Refund Policy

You have 90 days to complete the course without having to repurchase.

Once you have started the course, it is considered open and cannot be returned.

Will New Courses Be Offered?

YES!  We are constantly adding new courses, so check back often.  Or simply sign up for our mailing list and we will notify you of all the new course offerings!  The sign-up is at the bottom of this page. you can also follow us on LinkedIn.

Do I need to read all of the Resources in each Lesson?

No. The resources are represent extra or advanced material. They have been carefully selected to enhance learning or to serve as a quick source for more in-depth information on a topic.  The quizzes and tests are based on the core material that is presented.

I have a Suggestion for a new course.  Who do I talk to?  

Great!  Please complete the Contact Us form.



How Do I Reset my Password?

It’s really easy: Just use the Reset Password link on the log-in screen.

I Forgot My Password.  What Should I Do?

We get this one a lot.  Select “Forgot Password” right below the log-in area.  If this doesn’t work, please complete the Contact Us form.  We will address this ASAP!

I am Having Trouble Logging In to My Course. What Should I Do?

Please complete the Contact Us form.  We will address this ASAP!

What Are the Minimum System Requirements?

The minimum requirement is an internet connection with a browser. For the best browsing experience, we recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (default for Mac users). We recommend that Internet Explorer users upgrade to the latest version, as previous versions sometimes do not support modern website capabilities.

What is the Minimum Internet Speed Requirement for the Class Videos?

There is no minimum speed requirement, but speeds of over 25MB/Sec are recommended to avoid buffering.  If you are not sure about your speed, try  This is a free service.

Why is the Video so Slow to Load?

We shoot our videos in Hi-Def, so they are rather large files. When the internet speed is slow, it make take awhile for the video to load.

Step #1:

If the video is slow to load, just click on the GEAR ICON on the lower right corner of the video (middle icon) and set it to 360p. This usually helps!

Step #2:

To maximize speed of the high-def video make sure your system wi-fi is optimized. Turn off all other streaming services or downloads while viewing the class.

Additional information is available from our third-party video host, Vimeo at:

Can I Use an iPad or Tablet to Access My Online Course?

YES!  You can use an iPad or Tablet to access the course.  Beware of any data usage limits on your account.

Can I Use a Smartphone to Access My Online Course?

YES!  You can use a smartphone to access the course.  Beware of any data usage limits on your cellular phone account.  Our courses will work on most platforms, so you can learn when it’s convenient for you!



What Credit Cards Are Accepted?

We accept all major credit cards: MasterCard®, VISA®, Discover® and American Express®.

How do I Change Credit Cards?

Please use our Contact Form for any changes.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

YES!  Our EMTALA class is presented in several parts. If you sign up for 2 or more classes at the same time, we offer a discount!



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