Outpatient Courses

Outpatient Courses

ED Quality Solutions is the cost-effective solution to your staff training and continuing education needs for outpatient nursing, ancillary and physician staff. Our clinical educators present state of the art, clinically relevant in-service training. Choose from a wide variety of topics across the clinical spectrum, always with an emphasis on quality and patient safety. Our speakers are all Board-Certified experts with years of real-world experience “in the trenches.”

  • Domestic Violence

    • Domestic Violence - $49.00

    APPROVED for 2 hours of Nursing CE and 2 hours of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Domestic Violence is prevalent in our society and essential for all emergency department clinicians to recognize. This class provides the training necessary to properly screen and assess for domestic or intimate partner violence.  Emphasis is placed on state regulation, patient privacy issues, HIPAA and interface with law enforcement. Our course allows you to learn at your own pace, with new, enhanced content and extensive enrichment resources. The Domestic Violence class is recommended for ALL ED nurses and emergency physicians.

  • Cardiac Dysrhythmias

      COMING SOON! For Nurses - Paramedics - PAs / NPs - Physicians - 2 hours. Learn how to interpret EKG rhythm strips in this fast-paced, exciting class. It is designed for beginners and covers all of the basic concepts with helpful tips!  Also helpful as a refresher to cement key concepts.  We cover all of the major dysrhythmias that are commonly seen on an EKG. 

    • 12-Lead EKGs & More

        COMING SOON! This class provides basic training in interpreting 12-Lead EKGs.  It is designed for beginners just learning EKGs or for reinforcement of basic concepts.  We also cover some of the major dysrhythmias that are commonly seen on an EKG.  It is appropriate for nurses, physicians and paramedics.

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      Awesome teacher; definitely feel more confident in subject matter.
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