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For ED Staff – 1.0 hour


The EMTALA Basics class presents a broad overview of the core concepts of EMTALA. It is designed for all NEW ED Staff and other hospital personnel who need to develop a general familiarity with EMTALA and the main requirements of these important Federal Regulations.

This EMTALA training class is presented by Robert Bitterman, MD, JD, FACEP, a healthcare attorney who has authored many articles on the subject as well as the comprehensive EMTALA textbook published by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

Robert A. Bitterman, MD, JD, FACEP - EMTALA Training
Robert Bitterman, MD, JD, FACEP

The Medicare regulations received a major update in 2017.

Penalties for non-compliance are now almost $110,000 per violation with possible loss of Medicare certification.  And one complaint can produce multiple violations for each affected patient!  Protect yourself and your institution.  Sign up for this EMTALA training course today!

CMS requires hospitals to periodically educate all ED staff on their duties related to the screening, stabilization and transfer of ED patients:

“…all persons working in emergency departments should be periodically trained and reminded of the hospital’s EMTALA obligations and hospital policies and procedures designed to ensure that such obligations are met.”

All ED Staff Need to be Trained in this Basic Material!


Our course allows you to learn at your own pace, with all new content and extensive enrichment resources.

This EMTALA training class is recommended for all ED Staff and Healthcare Administrative personnel with ED oversight responsibilities.

What’s Included
Clinical + Legal

This EMTALA training class focuses on developing a basic understanding of this complex law. It covers the specific actions needed when caring for patients subject to these important regulations. Graduates will be able to properly assess and mitigate risk and provide great care.

Risk Mitigation

An effective EMTALA training program will streamline your healthcare facility’s EMTALA response, mitigating risk for the institution and all providers involved. This course focuses on the recent regulatory changes and the various new court opinions to help you avoid the legal traps that are so prevalent with these complex regulations.

Who Should Take It
All ED Staff

This class is perfect for NEW personnel to gain some basic familiarity with EMTALA. Every new ED staff member should take this class. Nursing Leadership and Hospital Administrative staff may also benefit. This class is the building block for all of our other EMTALA offerings, which we recommend to reinforce the concepts of EMTALA.


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