EMTALA Consultation

EMTALA Consultation

Don’t Risk Your Medicare Certification!

Achieve full CMS EMTALA Compliance.

If your Emergency Department and Hospital Medical Staff haven’t been updated on the latest EMTALA regulations or don’t have a firm understanding of the existing regulations, your facility may be at risk. Consider an EMTALA Consultation today.

The Medicare regulations received a major update in 2017.

Penalties for EMTALA non-compliance are now almost $110,000 per violation with possible loss of Medicare certification.  And one complaint can produce multiple violations for each affected patient!

We provide up-to-date EMTALA training classes for all involved staff.

Our update covers all the latest regulations. For your convenience, we offer these classes online 24/7 and live on-site.

CMS requires that hospitals educate all Medical Staff on EMTALA.

Your Medical Staff, Nursing Staff and Key Administrative Staff Need This Critical Update!

For those institutions that need consulting expertise, ED Quality Solutions, LLC has board-certified EMTALA consultants and healthcare attorneys who can work with your Emergency Department managers and Medical Staff leaders to identify potential areas of EMTALA weakness.  Our experts will then help them develop “fail-safe” procedures to assure full compliance and limit potential EMTALA actions against your facility.

In the event of a potential violation, our EMTALA Experts are available to help you navigate this serious process.