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  • EMTALA for On-Call Physicians

    4 Lessonsin
    • EMTALA for On-Call Physicians - $39.00

    For ALL Medical Staff Physicians - 1 hour. This EMTALA On-Call Training Class reviews basic knowledge essential for every medical staff physician - and then turns its focus to ON-CALL responsibilities. This course provides the training necessary to comply with the confusing EMTALA mandates that can trigger an investigation. Emphasis is placed on common pitfalls for on-call physicians and uses real-world examples. We help assure a basic competency level for the entire medical staff. The EMTALA On-Call Training Class is recommended for ALL physicians with hospital on-call responsibilities and key hospital administrative staff.

  • Effective ED Hand-Offs

      COMING SOON! For Hospitalists, Emergency Physicians, PA's and NP's - 3 hours. This is a new class devoted to promoting Effective ED Hand-Offs or transitions of care in the hospital, focusing on the high-risk transfer from the Emergency Department to the Inpatient Hospitalist. The class provides the training necessary to provide Effective ED Hand-Offs and improve patient safety!

    • Basic Dysrhythmias

        COMING SOON! For Nurses - Paramedics - PAs / NPs - Physicians - 2 hours. Learn how to interpret EKG rhythm strips in this fast-paced, exciting class. It is designed for beginners and covers all of the basic concepts with helpful tips!  Also helpful as a refresher to cement key concepts.  We cover all of the major dysrhythmias that are commonly seen on an EKG. 

      • 12-Lead EKGs & More

          COMING SOON! This class provides basic training in interpreting 12-Lead EKGs.  It is designed for beginners just learning EKGs or for reinforcement of basic concepts.  We also cover some of the major dysrhythmias that are commonly seen on an EKG.  It is appropriate for nurses, physicians and paramedics.

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        It was just great. She did a wonderful job. The staff is excited. You guys have been great to work with.
        Director of Emergency Services - Idaho
        The class was great, presenter had great energy and a breadth of knowledge. It was fun and exciting because we could tell that the presenter was passionate about her work.
        RN - New Jersey
        I would recommend this type of seminar at orientation.
        RN - New Hampshire
        Very applicable to everyday work.
        RN - Texas
        They gave an awesome class and I was proud to see that basically it was a refresher for my nurses. The patient satisfaction piece was very helpful. The script phrases were great. I appreciate your services!
        Director, Emergency Services - Missouri
        Gina was a wonderful teacher. I had no difficulty in getting the course set up. Excellent communication made everything go smoothly.
        ED Nurse Manager - Princeton, New Jersey
        This was one of the very best workshops I have ever attended.
        RN - New York
        The instructor was amazing. She is very energetic and presented the material in a fun and relatable manner.
        RN - New York
        This is how it should be.
        RN - California
        I recently attended a similar class at the ENA meeting. Yours was much better!
        RN - New Hampshire