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Emergency Department Consulting   Maximize the Potential of Your Emergency Room with an Independent Operational Consultation

Make your Emergency Room the highest quality, most efficient and patient-friendly in the area.

Key Benefits

  • Unbiased, In-Depth Assessment of Current Emergency Department Capabilities
  • Roadmap to Service Improvement
  • Improve Emergency Department Operational Efficiency and Patient Flow
  • Enhance Patient Satisfaction
  • Expedite the ED Triage and Registration Process
  • Compliance with Emergency Nursing Staffing Ratios
  • Increase Market Share
  • Decrease Emergency Room Cost
  • Improved ED Quality of Care Ratios and Patient Safety
  • Promote Excellence in Patient Care
  • Decrease Malpractice Liability Risk
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance (CMS, JCAHO, HIPAA, EMTALA)


Our emergency department consultation is designed to provide an independent, unbiased ED operational "snapshot." Utilizing experience from emergency facilities across the country, our certified emergency department consultants perform a comprehensive assessment of your emergency department and provide specific, actionable recommendations for improvement (our ED Action Plan). 

The project scope is determined by your hospital's specific needs and may include:


All of our emergency consultants are certified emergency nurses or board-certified emergency physicians. All have extensive clinical and administrative backgrounds and a history of performance improvement. They will bring an outside perspective that will energize your departmental process improvement efforts.


We will submit an information request about 4 weeks prior to the site visit at your facility. Our consultation team will then have an idea of the key issues before they arrive. The emergency consultants typically spend 1-4 days at your facility, meeting with key stakeholders, observing patient flow, interviewing ED nursing staff and obtaining an in-depth "snapshot" of your ED operations. We will provide an immediate overview of our initial impressions and a full consultation report within 4-6 weeks.  If desired, we will meet with your management team to review the findings and/or make a formal presentation to the board. Long term visits (e.g. bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly) can be scheduled in order to help keep the process moving forward and assure timely implementation of recommendations.

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